2 seek Emsworth mayor nomination

Incumbent Emsworth mayor Dee Quinn will have a challenger for the Democratic nomination in the primary election, as former council member Amy Sue Lillie also is running.
Identical questionnaires were sent to each candidate, and their responses are printed here.

Education and work background
Lillie: For 17 years I’ve been a Registered Nurse and I currently serve as the Post Acute Liaison at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.

Quinn: High school. Ran medical offices for 35 years.

Prior/current political involvement, offices , etc
Lillie: Emsworth Council member 1999.

Quinn: Mayor of Emsworth for the past seven and one-half years

Prior/current community involvement
Lillie: Gamma Sigma Sigma service sorority – dedicating many hours to the community including certified literacy tutor and initiated the Dial-a-Story program. Forbes Hospice volunteer. Emsworth Women’s Association. Student Nurses Association of PA – President. President of my graduating nursing class. Pittsburgh Marathon medical team. Quick Response Services for Quail Fire Department. Miracle League Volunteer.
Quinn: Vice-chair of the North Boroughs/Sewickley Meals on Wheels, Volunteer at Masonic Village, Board member of the Allegheny County Borough Association
Why are you running for office?
Lillie: I have a tremendous amount of respect for the borough and the people living here. More than anything, I want to ensure that the borough thrives.

Quinn: To continue to help the people of Emsworth.

What experience, personal qualities, etc will you bring to the office, if elected?
Lillie:I have chaired and led multiple events, projects and fundraisers and have been in many leadership roles.

Quinn: The ability to be able to reach out to the proper people to get things accomplished.

Why should people vote for you?
Lillie: I intend to work hard to make us responsive to the public service needs of our residents.

Quinn: They like what I have done in the past. The Center Avenue Bridge, at no cost to Emsworth, is probably the most significant achievement. People I have helped with issues know what I have done on their behalf.

Any other statement you would like to make?
Lillie: Because of my strong belief in this community, I chose to raise my son here. We have much to be proud of as residents of Emsworth, and we have much to look forward to. We can keep our small town feel while adding forward-thinking changes – changes that would positively impact all of us, I’m asking for your vote on election day.

Quinn: None