2 seats open in Bellevue’s 2nd Ward


DiTullio: University of Pittsburgh, BA Music, BA English Writing. Motorola, Unisys, Apple, University of Pittsburgh.

Kendall: Electrical Engineer (Field Sales Engineer) for a world renowned electrical manufacturer. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - University of Pittsburgh.

Pikul: I have been with the R I Lampus Company for the last 10 years. I began my career as the Receptionist, was quickly promoted to Sales Assistant and am now the Showroom Manager for our Neville Island location. Prior to working for the Lampus', my work history includes: being a Realtor®, a Staff Coordinator at a nursing home, and an office manager for a construction products business. I graduated from Valley High School and the Northern Westmoreland Career & Technology Center for Computer Sciences and then followed my high school path by attending Pittsburgh Technical Institute for Computer Programming and Network Administration. I also attended Career Training Academy for Medical Assistant and LaDolce Academy for Real Estate.
Community service:

DiTullio: I have assisted with United Way campaign at the University of Pittsburgh since 2013 which raises over $30,000 per year. Locally, playing guitar during the BIGr house tour in both 2016 and 2017 was a great deal of fun, as was cleaning up litter during Emily Marburger's cleanup event.

Kendall: Board Member - Bonafide Bellevue (BIGR) - Commercial Development Contact. Member - Chamber of Commerce. US Army Reserve Veteran.

Pikul: I am the 2017 Walk to End Alzheimer's Team Retention Chairwoman (our walk is on November 4th beginning at Stage AE). I am heavily involved with Assumption School as a fund-raiser with our Gift Card program, the president of the APTG (our Parent/Teacher Association), and assist with crossing guard duty outside of the school, among other duties. I am also involved with Assumption Church as a Lector, a Eucharist Minister, a sponsor for candidates
and a volunteer for all major community events, such as our annual fish fry, bingos, and used book sales. In the past, I was the lead parent working with the Cheswick Borough Parks and Rec Board to build a playground in Cheswick, I worked with Vandergrift Borough to bring back a clean streets program, and I volunteered as a dog walker at an animal shelter.

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing your borough and how would you
address them if elected?

DiTullio: Our budget is tight. I want to stop sinking money into cosmetic landscaping under the guise of business development and start paying for the roads and schools.

Kendall: We need higher occupancy rates in our retail and office spaces. More employers will lead to more opportunities for residents and will drive new residents into our community. We should join forces with local non-profits and perhaps hire a PR firm ourselves to drive awareness about the excellent assets and opportunities that Bellevue can offer business owners.

We need to continue to address the opioid epidemic and work with regional and state agencies which are diligently working on this, THE crisis of our age. Myself along with several other current council members intend on attending a community presentation on this subject on Nov 8th at Northgate Middle/High School from 6-8pm.

As council members, we need to elevate our level of cooperation with one another. Too often, I see ideas dismissed based on who is presenting them rather than the content of the idea itself.

Pikul: We have several mountains to climb and the way to do that is to work together as a team. Ridding our borough employees of the divisive work environment will open up many pathways to begin work on the big issues. Which include the opioid problem that every community across our nation faces. We need to begin with increasing public awareness, bringing in programs available through pharmaceutical companies, the state or the federal government, and working on getting to the source of the problem, the dealers. We have to allow our police to work more on the drug epidemic than the parking meter epidemic. And also, working with other communities to share knowledge, plans, and ideas. Another large problem is our taxation - we have to have solid fiscal planning. We need accountability for every single invoice that comes into the borough to be paid. There should be no justification for being over-billed because “we've always used this service”, or worse nepotism. And that goes hand in hand with economic development. We need to be working with neighboring communities, with the City of Pittsburgh, with Allegheny County & the State of Pennsylvania to attract businesses, young families just starting out, long term residents who are ready to settle into their retirement years and everyone in between. Our location, our walkability, our overall friendliness and our acceptance should make us a booming town. We need to get there.

Why are you running for office?

DiTullio: I live next to Riverview Avenue. I can see the collapsed wall from my back porch. I watch kids play in the rubble. The first estimate for the wall was $300,000. That was four years ago. Each year the cost rose. By 2017 the estimate was $500,000. The first thing I did as a candidate was suggest alternate ways to build the wall. Over the summer, council voted to seek alternate ways to build the wall, and a month later they accepted a bid that was well under $300,000.

Kendall: I believe my experiences, my dedication for the community, and my calm demeanor will serve the residents of Bellevue well. I am running for office because I believe we can do better in many ways. We can elevate our status in the region, fill our storefronts, and enter a new age of cooperation among elected officials as well as government employees.

Pikul: I am running for office because I believe that Bellevue is on a path to greatness. We are a beautiful and unique borough, but we are facing some major issues. I am excited to work on evaluating these issues and moving us beyond them. We should be looking to the future and inviting the change that is coming our way, not hiding from it. Ready or not, Bellevue is going through a renaissance, and I want to be involved from ground level. I want to help mold this town into a place that my daughter will be happy to grow up, get married and have her own children in. Continuity with change. We just celebrated our 150th anniversary - I want her to be here to celebrate our 200th.

Any other statement you would like to make?

DiTullio: None

Kendall: I am fully invested in this community, both emotionally and financially. When we moved here in 2014, my wife Beth and I immediate noticed a sense of community and we immediately got involved. We saw tremendous potential for growth and we often discussed opening a new business on Lincoln Avenue. When the opportunity arose to purchase Dietz Floral we jumped on it right away. We are in this for the long haul and hope to be part of the Bellevue Community for decades to come!

Pikul: I am firm in my beliefs, but am always open to hearing what others have to say. That is why I am listed on both the Republican and the Democrat ballot. It's because I relate to both political parties and firmly believe in working together for a common goal. I will strive to hear and understand all sides of an issue before making any decisions that represent the whole of Bellevue. And, I feel like fairness, compassion and understanding are far too underutilized in the political world as a whole. I think as a small community - we deserve those traits, at least on a local level. I look forward to seeing you on the 7th!