2 Arrested in Bellevue shooting

Police from multiple agencies responded to an active shooting incident in Bellevue on Feb. 22. Pictured above, officers take a suspect into custody on Kendall Avenue. (Photo courtesy of bystander Katherine Pendleton). Arrested were Brandon Humphrey, at immediate right, and Suede Goodwin at far right.

Bellevue Police are continuing to investigate a shooting incident that occurred Thursday afternoon, Feb. 22, that had officers from multiple law enforcement agencies chasing down an active shooting situation that traveled along Bellevue’s southernmost streets.

Amidst the confusion, police were able to apprehend two men believed responsible for firing shots that struck vehicles and homes. They also took into custody a 16-year old juvenile who has yet to be charged.No people were shot, police say, although one police officer was assaulted by a suspect.

The incident began about 3 p.m. with a report of shots fired at the intersection of Shiloh and Irwin avenues. That intersection also includes Gilliland Place, which is where police say video shows three males standing. All three have been identified as victims of the attempted shooting by at least three people.

Police say that security video obtained from the area shows a silver Ford Taurus sedan stop in the intersection. A male later identified as Brandon Humphrey, 19, of the Perrysville area of the North Side, was seen leaving the front passenger side of the car and firing a gun over the hood of the car in the direction of Gilliland Place. At the same time, shots also were fired from the driver’s side of the vehicle. Police say Humphrey got back into the front passenger seat, and an arm then was seen extended from the rear passenger seat, and shots were fired across the roof of the car, also toward Gilliland. That arm was determined by police to belong to Suede Goodwin, 18, also of the Perrysville area.

Officers responding to Shiloh reported hearing shots being fired in the area of Kendall Avenue, and began receiving reports from witnesses of males running through backyards in the area off Kendall Avenue. One report indicated that two males were seen fleeing a vehicle that appeared to be stuck on Maple Lane. At least one of the men was reported to be carrying a long gun. The vehicle was said to have been driven by a female. No such car was found on Maple, but police did find two silver sedans that had bullet holes in them. One, a silver Lexus, was discovered in the 100 block of Kendall Avenue. Police say both rear tires were flat and the car had bullet holes on the rear and both sides. The Ford Taurus, which also had bullet holes in it, was found in the 100 block of Davis Avenue. Police say the license plate of the car had been stolen.

Police. meanwhile, continued to look for suspects. Two men were stopped by Avalon Police on Kendall Avenue near Ohio River Boulevard. Police have not said if they were connected to the incident in any way. A 16-year-old juvenile was stopped on Kendall Avenue and taken into custody. He was taken to the Avalon Police Station and later released to his father.

Police received a report of two males walking north on Kendall Avenue just past Woodlawn Avenue. One of them, Goodwin, reportedly punched a Bellevue Police officer while officers were attempting to handcuff him. The second male, Humphrey, fled on foot, but was apprehended by police after a short foot pursuit.

Police have not reported the recovery of any weapons.

Both Goodwin and Humphrey face multiple charges of aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person, possession of a handgun without a license and corruption of a minor.