“Nightmare on Sprague”

Move over “Nightmare on Elm Street.” There is a very scary competitor in Bellevue at the “Nightmare 2 on North Sprague!” 63 N. Sprague, to be precise.

Created by Ken Azzarello and wife, Susan Vesch -- along with help from sons Dennis and Zade -- the fright site consists of a meandering walkway that leads brave visitors through a maze of monsters staffed (appropriately) by Northgate cheerleaders and football players.

Appropriate, because all profits help to support the football program with which the Azzarello name is strongly connected, Kenny Jr. a former stand-out player now at Pitt-Johnstown, and Ken Sr., announcer at home games.

Sue said that the senior students helped to put everything together. “It’s better than a scare house,” she added. “They don’t scare, but we REALLY scare!”

Son Dennis, 13, who has worked on the project since the beginning and knows all of the between-the-scenes theatrics, is quick to say, “”It’s pretty scary!”

Nightmare 2 remains open Oct. 20-22; 28-31, 7:30-11 p.m., with an 8:30 p.m. opening on Halloween. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for kids.

To calm the nerves and to reduce the palpitations, Grandma Alexandra, who lives next to the Nightmare, passes out candy to people who manage to make it to the end of the tour.

“She enjoys doing it, and the neighbors think it’s great because it brings the community together and it supports the school,” Susan said.