“Nightmare” returns for third haunted season

Creators of the “Nightmare on Sprague Street” from left: Adam Bistrican, Mariah Benny, Zayd Azzarello (front), Sue Vesch Azzarello, Ken Azzarello. Photo by Tom Steiner for The Citizen

“Nightmare on Sprague Street” has returned to Bellevue this fall for “The Return of Michael Myers,” a Halloween walk-through at 63 N. Sprague Ave.

Ken Azzarello said that over the past three years of the “fright site,” he and his team have accumulated lots of materials to keep expanding the feature.

“It takes about four months to set up and the same amount of time to take it apart,” Azzarello said.

But for the creative crew, it's lots of work and lots of fun, with profits going to the Northgate football team.

Sue Azzarello added, “The four of us worked together putting this haunted walkthrough together. Adam worked with Ken building all the life-sized props and the clown maze. My niece, Mariah, and I worked together painting and masterminding the terrifying details that we brought to life! The four of us did a fantastic job together. Our dream is to get a warehouse and grow bigger each year!”

But it won't all be chillingly frightful. “You will have lots of fun in the Krazy Klown Maze,” Sue promised.

“Nightmare on Sprague Street” is open Oct. 19-20, 26-27, 29-30 from 7:30 p.m. until 11 p.m., and on Halloween night, Oct. 31, from 8:15 until 10 p.m.